Making Fashion Jewellery Safer For All

DermaKind™ is a new, unique UKAS-accredited testing methodology, that identifies and measures a suite of metallic elements that may cause Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD).

ACD, better known as skin allergy, can present as an itchy or painful irritation, skin redness and inflammation. In severe cases this can include rashes, which can lead to scarring and cause ACD sufferers major distress. The DermaKind™ test methodology identifies the metallic skin sensitisers present in jewellery and accessories, that have the potential to cause ACD.

DermaKind™ also provides compliance for nickel when tested by EN 1811:2011+ A1:2015 method, as well as significant future-proofing benefits. It is a significant game changer within the field of metallic elements and their potential for causing skin allergies.


So... is your jewellery leaving the right sort of mark?